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Sensile Medical is a leader in the area of advanced micro pump technology, developing a broad range of customer specific platforms for drug delivery and dosing solutions.


Our pumps are increasingly being used to enable small or large volume subcutaneous delivery of modern pharmaceutical and biotechnological products for self-administration by patients.

Micro volumetric rotary piston pump

The SenseCore Technology

SenseCore and 1-franc

Sensile has developed a novel micro pump which forms the heart of its large volume injectors.


Inherent in the design


Fewer plastic parts lead to better tolerance stack-ups. Combined with the precision of our high-end micro molders, the SenseCore pump is highly accurate.

Using state-of-the-art drive mechanisms enable Sensile Medical to offer wide flexibility and exact flow rates, delivery volumes and durations or patterns of drug administration.

Cost efficiency

The technology leads to a minimal number of parts to deliver the liquid


The SenseCore Pump Technology consists of only two plastic parts. This allows us to minimize the effects of tolerance chains and the resulting influence on dosing accuracy. Additionally, fewer plastic parts lead to very cost efficient drug delivery solutions.

Primary Packaging

Option to use standard vial as Primary Packaging


The very good suction capabilities combined with the bidirectional pumping capability allows device concepts to use standard vials as primary packaging – something our pharmaceutical partners typically already have. At the time of use, vial contents are transferred into an internal reservoir, eliminating the need for a costly and time-consuming development of a prefilled cartridge, and avoiding the associated development and regulatory risks.


Design inherent free-flow prevention


The valve structure in the core pump mechanism ensures that at any given time only one valve is open. When the pump is stopped (inactive), both valves are closed at the same time. This feature allows for double safety against free flow.

Design inherent free-flow prevention


The SenseCore Technology can be adjusted in regards to the delivery volume according to the needs of the customer


The pharmaceutical company's targeted drug – and other therapies in the pipeline – will probably require a range of delivery volumes and delivery profiles. The SenseCore technology in combination with software and electronics allows full control over the delivery. The technology has a dynamic range that spans a range from 50 μl over 24 hours to 5 ml per minute.


Easy and discreet needle insertion and retraction process


The patch pump can be equipped with an integrated needle, visually hidden before and after injection, automatically inserted as well as retracted.


Our patented design is based on the rotary motion of the pump. This makes it clearly unique and puts us in an excellent position when it comes to Freedom To Operate (FTO).

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SenseCore and 1-franc
Design inherent free-flow prevention
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SenseCore and 1-franc

Design inherent free-flow prevention
SenseCore and 1-franc
Print_technology Contact
SenseCore and 1-franc

Design inherent free-flow prevention

The target is high-precision at an unbeatable price

SenseCore and 1-franc
Design inherent free-flow prevention
SenseCore and 1-franc